Am 13. Oktober findet das zweite Global Goals Forum – als reine online Veranstaltung – statt. In einem Live-Stream setzen sich Keynotes und Diskussionsrunden mit dem Thema “Globalisierung nachhaltig neu erfinden” auseinander.


Freuen Sie sich auf folgende Inhalte:

Rethinking Globalization

The future is “VUCA” – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. And so is globalization. But what comes next? What should the next trading system be? And what happens to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? The 2nd Global Goals Forum examines the question of how globalization can be readjusted and sustainably oriented. Join us at the virtual summit on October, 13, 2022!

Despite the present political turmoils, a great deal of global trade will continue, under different rules. The task of the next decade is to figure out what those rules will look like. Is there a path back to a trading system that allows nation-states more room to govern capitalism, as in the Bretton Woods era? Can the successor system offer a better deal to developing countries of the Global South? Might a new trade regime give more weight to climate goals, labor rights, public health, or the public provision of goods? And where does China fit in?

The 2nd Global Goals Forum offers high-level panel discussions on “Globalization in Reverse?”, “How can we balance planet, purpose and profit?” and “Sustainability and the New Silk Road”. Our guests are board members and senior experts from the Club of Rome, World Economic Forum, UNEP, B Lab, Fridays for Future, Global Footprint Network, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, UNSSC, Volans, US-China Collaboration for Clean Energy (JUCCCE), James Cook University and many others. The Forum is organized under the patronage of the macondo foundation gemeinnützige UG.

The Global Goals Forum sees itself as a “marketplace of ideas.” At a time of increasing unpredictability in the international order, the conference provides a platform for leaders from politics, business, and civil society to discuss key challenges on the global agenda, such as tackling inequity, climate change, and corporate responsibility. In the sense of a “walk the talk”, the Forum provides space for discussion, but also for the development of very concrete recommendations for action for politics and business.


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